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Custom frida&frank Ping-Pong Table

Custom frida&frank Ping-Pong Table


Rally on all the time with one of our custom Ping-Pong Tables that is easy to set up, is flat-packable, and screw-free.

Designed by the frida&frank team, this table is CNC-ed at Makerlabs, has a hand-painted top to the color of your liking with standard table tennis regulations, and custom made nets by Local Manufacturing.

-Baltic Birch 5/8": Two Table Tops at 4.5' x 5'       

-Baltic Birch 5/8": CNC'd Legs and Beams 

Baltic Birch 1/2" also available for an even lighter table, but slightly less durable.  

Custom leg painting, reversible beer-pong tops, and more is available upon further inquiry with additional pricing.  

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