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cure(eos)city: exploring placemaking through seasonal effective design


In the following months...

 We will let cure(eos)city thrive by exploring the seasonal transformation of a newly created public space situated on the intersection between Vernon Drive and the Adanac bike route.

As the Vernon/ Adanac block is an interim public space, we have the unique opportunity to inform future design decisions. By taking a tactical urbanism approach we are able to give the placemaking practice back to the community, and will create a continuous dialogue between users and creators.


This summer we experienced the formation of a place-based community that was driven by the intrigue and excitement of creating public space that feels like home. Fueled by mutual inspiration, we hope to carry this rejuvenative energy forward as we transition to our next project.

Throughout the winter months we will invite users of the space, local community members and students to engage in cure(eos)city and become fellow placemakers.  We believe that there is much to learn by experimentation and we are hoping to work together with you to develop seasonal effective design practices in this space.


what is seasonal effective design?


With a lack of covered public space in Vancouver, unfacilitated social interactions between people turn scarce in the wintertime. As people are less likely to engage in outdoor activities when it rains this places Vancouverites at high risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

By working in unison with nature and embracing the rain, we are able to focus on social healing rather than threaten social and physical wellness. Together, with the community, we will act as urban catalysts to encourage social healing through Seasonal Effective Design.


what might occur at Vernon//Adanac?


Our plans for the space include:

  • Create local small grants for people to implement seasonal effective design projects of their own

  • Hold regular talks, workshops,  and events to engage with the community about tactical urbanism and placemaking

  • Explore the local ecosystems in the space and expand the amount of green space

  • Bring light to the space in a variety of ways

  • Colour the concrete benches with beautiful mosaics

  • Develop a magazine which further explains our placemaking approach and our findings and your stories connected to the space

  • Create temporary tangible projects to activate the space

  • Design and create a weatherproof system to allow people to gather outdoors