mosaic art

community mosaic

september 2017  

 photos by Alison Boulier

photos by Alison Boulier

For this specific idea we partnered with a community member who received a small neighbourhood grant for a mural. Together we facilitated a community mosaic mural on concrete blockages. The outline for the mosaic was based on a design by frida&frank, yet the outcome was in the hands of whoever joined in the creation. On an unexpectedly sunny day in September, more than 40 strangers stopped to add tiles to the mural and participated in it’s construction. Some people stayed for 10 minutes to simply smash a plate, while others stayed for hours. Participants socialised, contributed, and brought this work to life, simultaneously connecting to the physical space through creative interaction.   


Recycling tiles

The tiles were sourced from several places in Vancouver and some were even donated by people passing by, resulting in an amazing variety of colours and textures! 



Suprise smashing

Few of the people that stopped to help would have guessed they would be smashing plates and tiles on their bike ride. It turned out to be the most wanted task. 


collaborative art

connecting people to places through creative interaction